Jeffrey May - Week 3B - Complex Table

Welcome to the Lottery Store. Why shop for a simple catalogue item from your favorite retailer when you win the lottery jackpot and take home the whole store? Listed below are a few different lottery prizes you might like to add to your basket. IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY AND IF YOU HAD WON THEM YOU PROBABLY WOULDN'T HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF PARTICIPATING IN THIS COURSE:

Selected Lottery Listing (some of the BIG ones)
Lottery Attributes
Region Type
US / Multi-state Paramutual lottery
US / Multi-state Paramutual lottery
European / Multi-country Paramutual lottery
Scandinavian / Multi-country Paramutual lottery

Lottery Odds
Number of balls Highest ball number Highest Powerball Odds of winning Jackpot
6 59 39 1 in 195,249,054
A sample of humorous wisdom from The Powerball lottery authorities' FAQ's:
WHAT HAPPENS IF AN ANNUITY PRIZE WINNER DIES? First there will be a funeral. Then the estate will handle the lottery prize....